first of all - I am not a Dr or nurse or medical professional. I am a woman who has premature Ovarian failure (meaning at age 30 I went into peri-menopause) and my journey has been one of ups and downs. 

I've tried otc/creams, prescription creams, pellets (HRT) and now I'm trying something NEW - it's a product that is NOT well known and there is ALOT of mis-information out there so instead of just sending you to a site to buy it, I want to send you to a page that gives you enough info (from customers and Dr's) so you can make an informed choice. 

FYI -  it is sold from a company that has set up commissions to those who share it with others. if this means that you are not interested - so be it- you are missing out on an amazing product, but that is YOUR choice. 

the videos below are ME, I've not yet done a review video of this NEW product because i've not been taking it long enough to give a full review but I will be doing one soon. Here is a link to that page. 

my one month review of the pellets HRT

for the first few years into my peri-menopause I tried a bunch of different kinds of over-the-counter creams. 

these were the BEST i found, they got rid of 75% of my symptoms. I used them for 2 years. 

Link to Estrogen cream

Link to Progesterone cream

I suffer from TERRIBLE heart burn. for this I take apple cider vinegar tablets, I've been taking them for 10 years. Link to the tablets I currently use and recommend HERE

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