name of company - what it does/why to join -

what it cost you- what I earn when you join (what you get to share)


Money lion app 10$ when you join, 1$ a day for everyday that you log in and swipe through 5 slides

Free to join (but if you go with plus they will take 18.18$ out of your account each month- but this unlocks 500$ loan)  and I get 10$ when you sign up & and extra 10 ifyou join from my link (above)

Digit - saving app. they send you a text every morning letting you know your bank account amount- they transfer small amounts to a savings account for you

free to join but you have to link your bank account -

i get 5$ when you join (you get 5 when you sign up too)

Swap- online thrift store - only to shop, selling to them is a rip off but shopping from them is super easy and returns are simple and free-

free to join, free shipping on your first order. -

i get 10$ to spend on when you make your first purchase 

Vital - credit card (not based on credit score) that pays you a monthly commission for everyone you refer to the card. (card is in prelaunch)

free to join.

my potential earnings increases by 10$/month when you sign up

Robinhood- app that gives you a free stock when you sign up and gives you commission free access to stocks and easy to read/search info

free to sign up, but you must link your bank account

and I get a free stock when you sign up

MLM gateway - website for people who work online, earn money online , or those who want to- great place to connect with others -great place to network

free to join, you get free communication credits -

i get 10 communication credits when you sign up :) 

Acorns - online savings and stocks app -

free to join, must link bank account,

I get free 5$ when you sign up

Stash - another savings app.

free to sign up/ must link bank account,

I get 5$ when you sign up

Kiddazzler- app for kid related businesses -  you can add up to 40 businesses and earn a % of profit when those businesses sign up to advertise.

free to sign up and add businesses -

I earn a small % of what you earn. 


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