Pet club 247

my pets (my sweet cats) are my babies and I do my very best to give them the best of everything, especially food, but it's hard to find a high quality food and to be confident that it wont hurt them. 

when I found this company and heard their story- their mission and then found out how much it cost to be a part of it (10$/month) I was hooked!

and the food! my VERY picky cat are bigs fans of their cat products- buying up a bunch of dog product samples for all my dog crazy friends :) 

some photos of my cat-babies Monkey (grey tabby), xbox (white kitty), Sherby (orange tabby)

my sweet babycat (black kitty) passed away in June 2019 but I had to include him too cause he still have a big chunk of my heart

Callie and Coalie my latest tiny fosters - off to their fur-ever home now

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